Declaration of Sovereignty of the Dominion of Melchizedek

This Declaration remains only as a historical record of the Declaration announced at the time of the founding of the Dominion of Melchizedek. Some of the terms expressed in this Declaration are not consistent with the beliefs of the current Sovereign Members of the Body-Politic nor are they in line with International Law or the LAW OF NATIONS. Any inconsistencies within this Declaration have been rectified and changed in the New Charter of the Dominion of Melchizedek as of 2012.

The undersigned persons, representing the people of the Dominion of Melchizedek, an ecclesiastical state organized and based upon the ancient heritage and principles of Melchizedek, constituting persons of many lands and nations, having been the subject of religious and commercial persecution and harassment, do hereby come together to declare their desire and intent to formalize their creative sovereign government and nation, independent of outside influence, to guide and protect the people of the Dominion of Melchizedek.

The Sovereign Nation of the Dominion of Melchizedek shall be built upon a constitution describing and setting forth the rights and liberties of its people.

The Dominion of Melchizedek shall be governed by a congress, to be known hereafter as the House of Elders. The undersigned persons shall constitute the initial members of the House of Elders until such time as a formal election may be held as directed under the constitution.

The Dominion of Melchizedek, its foundation being the preservation of Freedom, Privacy, and the Individual Safety of its people shall exist perpetually.

The people of the Dominion of Melchizedek, as the people of other nations and lands, have increasingly been obstructed and prevented from carrying on and developing profitable and worthwhile commercial enterprise. Governments of most nations in these times of technological advancement and economic unrest, have persisted to lay down legislation and laws including unlawful and non-representative taxation on their peoples. Such Governments have lost sight of their primary purpose, and the basic insights and intents of their founders.

The Dominion of Melchizedek, shall possess no boundaries, shall set forth and insure its people of certain inalienable rights and shall at all times, be subject to the influence and direction of its people as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Dominion of Melchizedek.

Therefore, we the undersigned representatives of the people of the Dominion of Melchizedek, assembled in general meeting, do hereby, in the name and by the authority of the people, solemnly publish and declare, that the Dominion of Melchizedek is a free and independent Sovereign Nation, absolved and absent of any and all allegiances, and that all political connections between the Dominion of Melchizedek and all nations, is and ought to be dissolved, and that as an independent Sovereign Nation, has full power to levy spiritual war in order to bless its enemies, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent nations may of right do.